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Desert Mountain ACO

ACO Name and Location

Desert Mountain ACO, LLC
2540 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 300
Henderson, NV  89052

Brigette Mang, CEO 

Primary Contact: (907) 202-4894 or

Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership

   ACO Executive: Brigette Mang, MPH, CRC, CPC

   Medical Director: Dana Forte, DO

   Compliance Officer:  Sakina Pasha, MS
   Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Brigette Mang, MPH, CRC, CPC

   Physician Relations Manager, Kisha Ridley, NCMA, CPC


Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

  • Committee Name, Leader & Position

    • Performance Improvement:       Dana Forte, DO, Committee Chair

    • Quality Assurance Committee:    Irfan Tahir, MD, Committee Chair

    • Healthcare Technology Committee:    Tousif Pasha, MD, Committee Chair

    • Finance Committee:    Himanshu Kashyap, MD, Committee Chair

Shared Savings, Distribution and Quality Score and Quality Performance Results

Shared Savings: 
First Year Agreement Period
Performance Year 2022: $3,856,654

Shared Savings Distribution:
Performance Year 2022 
     Proportion invested in infrastructure: 25%
     Proportion invested in redesigned care process/resources: 15%
     Proportion of distribution to ACO Participants: 60%

Quality Score Performance First Year Agreement period
     Performance Year 2022: 84%
Quality Performance Results
     Performance Year 2022  

Types of ACO Participants, or Combinations of Participants That Formed the ACO:

Network of Individual Practices of ACO Professionals

ACO Governing Body

Member, Member Title Position, Membership Type, Voting Power - Expressed as a %, ACO Participant Legal Business Name, if applicable

  • Gautham G. Reddy, MD       Chairman, ACO Participant    10

       Gautham Gummadi Reddy MD Limited​

  • Sonu Bhatia, MD                  Co-Chairman, ACO Participant    10

       Sonu R Bhatia MD PC​

  • Badar Anwar, MD                 Voting Member, ACO Participant    10

       Badar Anwar MD PC​

  • Robert Gong, MD                 Voting Member, ACO Participant    10

       Siena Hills Primary Care​

  • Wen Liang, MD                     Voting Member, ACO Participant    10

       Sun Medical Services Corp​

  • Irfan Tahir, MD                      Voting Member, ACO Participant    10

       Irfan Tahir MD PLLC​

  • Dana Forte, DO                    Voting Member, ACO Participant    10

       Dana Forte DO LTD​

  • Leo Capobianco, MD           Voting Member, ACO Participant    10

       Doctors Center at Redrock​

  • Brigette Mang, MPH, CRC    Secretary, Community Stakeholder   6

  • Tousif Pasha, MD                  Voting Member, Community Stakeholder  6

  • Himanshu Kashyap, MD       Treasurer, Community Stakeholder  6

  • Michael Orth                        Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary    2

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